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My goal:
•Finish my studies at a university in the United States in order to strengthen my skills in the Electrical engineering and computer science fields.
•Use my knowledge and experience to contribute a little bit towards the technological advancement of our society.

•Student at Trinity college, Hartford CT -- Electrical Engineering
•Harrison High School -- Graduated on May 2011
•CEAD Christian School: "Bachiller en Ciencias y Letras" -- Graduated on June 2010

Experience: CEO of Intelsath. MyICV.com founder and developer.

•Windows and Linux operative systems knowledge.
•Programming skills in C, Cplus-plus, Matlab, Visual Basic, server-side scripting experience in PHP and Python.
•Embedded technology knowledge (programming Atmel microcontrolers)
•Web developer (HTML, CSS, Flash, Ajax and PHP)
•MySQL Databases managament
•Using Microsoft Office and Openoffice.
•Configuring Linux and Windows Servers (mail servers, intranet, etc)
•Game programming in C/C++
•Development of digital and analogue electronic circuits.
•Using simulation programs of electronic circuits such as Multisim from National Instruments.
•PCB design with layout CAD softwares such as Proteus and Eagle.

Skills: Languages: English and Spanish.

Development of electronic/software projects.
Most outstanding projects:

EES - Embedded Entertainment System, First video game system built in Honduras
Eyeboard - Eye controlled software: Low-cost solution for people with disabilities
MyICV: Professional Social Network/Interactive Resume online platform

Achievements: •Developer of the first video game system built in Honduras.
•Acknowledged as one of the 25 most influential young people of the world by the YSA (www.ysa.org/25/list).
•Developer of an innovative and unique system for paralyzed people.
•First student in Harrison High school to attend the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair - Certificate awarded in the regional Science fair in Colorado Springs by the Colorado Associates in Medical Physics
•Certificate of First Place Senior category Engineering/Mathematics in the Colorado springs science fair from the AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association).
•Maker at the World Maker Faire in New York, City.
•Exhibitor in the Interop IT expo in Las Vegas, Nevada
•First place in the 1st INFOP's technological fair
•Awarded by the Rotary International in Honduras for being an "outstanding citizen".

•CNN coverage of my eye tracking system project
•Routers coverage of my project
•Published article in Make Magazine (Volume 23)
•Make Magazine Volume 23rd: "Eyeboard" -- January 2012
•Honduran periodicals, international news channels like "Telesur", important websites such as "Techcrunch" and "Gizmag", etc

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